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Mind control research

Never ended - "The war never really ended and the programs were merely moved to America and continued. German scientists headed up NASA rocket programs and Heinrich Mueller was made head of the CIA. In fact most people do not know the truth of the secret government, the Military/Industrial Complex, which is the real government of the world which all our elected leaders condone and give service. President Eisenhower gave us warning but we were too apathetic to follow his meaning and things just continued on getting more complex, sinister and secret. The ongoing MK ULTRA experiment was brought from Germany and went underground. Under the protection of the secret government and the CIA it has operated since then in many areasâ in the ongoing warsâ Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and in all sectors of our normal life¦" (Stop MKULTRA Programs Now!

"Although most of MKUltra victims also were subjected to radiations and three victims gave their testimonies, Clintonâs apology specifically targets the victims of cold-war era radiation experiments, most of which were initiated to study the effects of radiation to human. Clearly, the apology wasnât about the MK Ultra that the disinfo operatives want you to think about. An apology would mean an end to a conflict, an end to MK Ultraâ¦"

An "unnamed program" - Contrary to what was reported in the internet, President Bill Clinton did not apologized for the MK Ultra victims. On October 3, 1995 after he ordered to declassified government documents and initiated an investigation, a final report was offered to the press. During the conference at the White House, Clinton apologized for the human radiation experiments being done to uninformed victims in several military bases and universities. There was a disinformation in the internet connecting MKUltra to the Clinton apologies as to make it look like this mind control program has ended. In fact there are concrete evidences that as of today â 2011, the program has been going on with much more covert and overt activities by different sectors of the community and has become global in scope. Although most of MKUltra victims were also subjected to radiations and three victims gave their testimonies, Clintonâs apology specifically targets the victims of cold-war era experiments, most of which are initiated to study the effects of radiation to human. Clearly, the apology wasnât about the MK Ultra that the disinfo operatives want you to think about. An apology would mean an end to a conflict, an end to MK Ultra.

MK Ultra did not end and has become an unnamed âprogramâ using advanced technologies. The difference is that present day victims doesnt have to be tied up to a bed and drugged with LSD to be torture just like what Dr Ewen Cameron has done to his patients in Allen Memorial Hospital in Montreal. Present day victims can be attack anywhere using compact device and satellite radar system. Their minds are being bombarded with marathon voices and sounds, some are deceptively sounded like their own inner voices. These victims are also being subjected to radiations and pyshological stalking tactics patternned to Germanyâs Nazi-like harassments. Some victims are lucky enough to survive several phases of the âprogramâ and discovered the real causes of their demise. Some victims committed suicide and died without knowing the truth. Others are being institutionalized with psychotropic drugs and labelled as dellussional or paranoid. Mainstream media doesnât cover this crimes because they owned by corporation who finance the âprogramâ and has become part of the brainwashing machine. Desensitizing the masses so that they donât feel anything about this kind of terrorism. So that they give up their own privancy and human rights are part of the brainwashing programs. Here are something for you to think about:

Suicides has become an ordinary occurencies in many communities that the people are complacent or desensitized. Its not only the youth and member of LGBT anymore, immigrants and soldiers are also affected. PTSD and other mental disorder with pyshotropic drugs as the common denominator with all the sucide cases. The youth are tested with mental disorder at a very young age, most are diagnosed with ADD and are prescribed with Ritalin.

Mobbing at workplace are signs of targeting. If the targets donât acted their torture with violence, the normal outcome are being unemployed and disabile. The same can be said in the schools. Bullying is rampant. If student donât acted out with violence, they became dropouts or disabled.

Main stream media donât cover this present-day experimentations (radiation, mind control, chem trails, illegal vaccinations, nano-tech implantations) even when the targets sent them evidences and letters asking them to inform the public and the authorities. The mainstream media did not even bother to write about several targets speaking out at the last two public meetings of The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues. Long time ago this will be considered a big scandal.

Common tactics of mainstream media is to discredit and disinformed the public as all of these crimes are just conspiracy theories and its just a product of peopleâs delussional or paranoid thinking and basically not happenning all around us.

When someone do an internet research on targeted individuals, researcher will notice several disinfo agents posing as victims. The purpose is to make the impression that targeted individuals are simply people who are delussional, paranoid or mentally challenged. You will see these agents wearing tin foils in their head; talking about the new metallic orgonites that targets can use for EMR attacks; and preaching about the incoming armageddon and alien invasion.

From the blatant disinformation connecting Clintonâs apology to MK Ultra so that people will get the impression that MK ULtra is a thing of the past; the neglect of the mainstream media to cover the targeted individuals coming out activism; and to the noticeable discrediting of targeted individuals by disinfo agents using the internet, are clear indications that MK Ultra has never ended. With new technologies, operatives can predict thoughts and can manipulate behavior of targets. Operatives can used radiations to attacks physiological body functions of the targets making them sick. Operatives can used technologies to tampered electronic appliances even running water to transmit voices and sounds for the harassments making targets looks delussional or schizoprenic. Together with field stalkers, targets are being harassed in anywhere they go, developing isolation and paranoic behavior. All of these criminal activitities has been adopted from MK Ultra mind control program and hundreds of victims around the world has reported similar experiences, as I previously reported (with video evidences). Clearly, Mk Ultra never ended and became an unnamed âprogramâ today that the public must warn and inform (

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